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Friday, March 11, 2011

Water-powered mobile … soon to come

When you think about charging a battery you probably picture an outlet, not a bottle of water. One company is out to change all of that. A company called SiGNa Chemistry Inc has created a hydrogen-producing cartridge that is able to work in concert with pocket-sized fuel cell charging device in order to give cell phones and other mobile devices an instant power boost.

As part of a demo staged at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, SiGNa Chemistry’s proprietary mobile-H2™ cartridges successfully delivered clean H2 gas instantly for myFC’s PowerTrekk, a wireless rechargeable power source for portable electronics,.
SiGNa’s mobile-H2™ cartridge contains safe sodium silicide (NaSi); a powder that produces hydrogen (H2) on-demand from its reaction with any type of water, including salt water, packaged in a cartridge for use with fuel cells rated from 1 W to 3 kW.

PowerTrekk, available from Stockholm-based myFC, is the first brand to use SiGNa’s mobile-H2™ to offer a fuel cell-driven power source for mobile phones and other electronic equipment. SiGNa Chemistry specializes in designing custom hydrogen solutions for the fuel cell industry and developed the PowerTrekk Fuel Cartridge specifically for myFC.

SiGNa Chemistry’s mobile-H2™ cartridges can be used to power anything from smart phones, to GPS units, to MP3 Players. Also, the mobile-H2™ cartridges can be used to help ignite LED lighting, maintain important sensors and power surveillance and other camera electronics.

On-Demand Mobile-H2™ cartridges meet fuel cell requirements for load management with rapid startup and shutdown capabilities. Electronics can obtain consistent power output over the entire runtime with zero power degradation, as seen in batteries. The mobile-H2™ cartridges are configurable and can be set to operate at a range of pressures from one to 15 psi with a +/- 0.5 psi variability over its lifetime. Cartridges can also be easily exchanged to extend runtime without interrupting power.

 Sodium silicide is a non-flammable, air-stable powder and reacts even with non-potable, non-distilled waters at room temperature to form H2 in a rapid, stable, and controllable reaction. SiGNa’s sodium silicide (NaSi) is produced with zero waste. All raw materials are generated from renewable starting materials, sodium from sodium chloride (salt) and silicon powder from silicon dioxide (sand).

The yield in the manufacturing process of NaSi is 100% and there is no waste generated. No use of solvents, no purification steps and even there is no raw material consumption in the manufacturing process. The process is exothermic, meaning it releases energy in the form of heat, which is then recaptured and used within the process, making the energy consumed minimal.

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