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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Samsung Slim external 3D Blu-ray player combo drive

Samsung has announced a new external 3D Blu ray player combo drive for the PC. Most new computers out nowadays have built in Blu ray players but now you can have an external one. These slim 3D lu ray optical drives have a sleek design and anti-fingerprint surface.
It plays Blu rays, has 3D support and also reads and writes CD/DVD roms. This is really surprising but the device uses USB 2.0 not the new 3.0 but still very good, and works on Windows and Mac. It reads/writes between 6-8X for all different discs including CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays,
3D Blu rays. Samsung will be releasing this SE-406A slim external 3D Blu ray optical drive in April and it should cost around $150. This product would be perfect for you if you don’t have a built in Blu ray player in your PC and you want to watch Blu rays, or if you just want an external device to play them for you.


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