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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

N-Desk Gives Symbian an Iphone feel

N-desk which when installed takes around 200 KB in your phone, alters the layout of the existing Nokia default menu theme to a iPhone style side swiping screen theme. The major difference between the Nokia and customized N-desk layout are:
  • It aligns icons vertically rather than the horizontal alignment used by Nokia.
  • N-desk uses the entire screen to display the menu. Further alterations can be done using the n-desk settings.
N-desk is a makeover for the dull menu theme that your Nokia has and is limited to the same only. It can be installed over symbian ver.5 (s60 v5), symbian ver.3 (s60 v3) and symbia ver.1 based phones.

You can download the theme directly from the Ovi Store.

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