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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monitor your website using server monitor in Chrome

Monitor your website using server monitor in Google chrome.If you are a website owner and find it difficult to monitor websites and handle all your blogs, then Server Monitor is the best app or you. This extension is very useful to handle all those websites you have in your profile.It helps in monitoring and tells you if the server is down or is up and running.

Monitor your website using server monitor in Chrome
This extension is really helpful in helping the user monitor his sites without any hassle.This extension is only for Google Chrome.This extension adds a sphere to the right of your browser.it has many Colors dividing the sphere.There are lines which divide the sphere in parts. Each segment shows a site, if there are 4 websites of your own there would be 4 segments of the sphere.
Each section is colored based on the response from the monitored URL. Green means the site responded with the content that was expected. Yellow means the site responded but the content was different than expected. Red means the site failed to respond.

Server Monitor is a great extension all in all. Google has really put its best foot forward and has introduced the best of extensions.To download the Server Monitor extension follow through here.

This extension is the best way to monitor your website in chrome.!


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