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Friday, March 4, 2011

LaCie introduces new Little Big Disk with Thunderbolt technology

LaCie has announced LaCie Little Big Disk equipped with Thunderbolt technology developed by Intel and initially brought to the market through sales of Apple notebooks, namely the new MacBook Pro range. Designed for massive data storage, LaCie Little Big Disk will raise the bar in terms of data transfer, offering speeds of up to 10 GB/s.


“LaCie is thrilled to be the first company to integrate Thunderbolt technology in the LaCie Little Big Disk” said Philippe Spruch, LaCie director and general manager.

Thunderbolt technology offers a bandwidth of 10 Gbps and impressive runs on two protocols (PCI Express and DisplayPort) simultaneously through a single cable for connectivity with powerful devices such as Little Big Disk and high resolution displays.

Thunderbolt carries information through a single cable to peripheral devices with amazing speed and ease the back-up system in minutes.
The LaCie Little Big Disk will be able to provide hours of HD video streaming and can play for hours of multimedia files without sacrificing performance.
[via Techchee]


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