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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hackers can now switch back to v3.55 PS3 firmware with a new tool

Since Sony updated its PlayStation firmware to v3.56, the hacking community has been having all sorts of problems with Sony, now hackers have found a way to switch back to the older firmware.

 The latest firmware v3.55 on the PlayStation 3 was hacked in no time since its release, but Sony isn’t taking kindly to jailbreakers and hackers anymore, and since Sony can change the latest firmware remotely at any time, hackers have decided to switch back to the older version of firmware.

Thanks to the Rebug Team, PlayStation 3 v3.56 version spoofer has been released in order to prevent your PS3 from automatically updating to the latest firmware. In addition, this program can even restore the firmware to the version 3.55 if needed. According to the author, PSN access isn’t allowed yet, so you probably shouldn’t try to access it, although there might be a way soon.

As we’re sure you’ve been aware, Sony doesn’t take lightly to hackers anymore, so if you’re planning to hack your PS3, remember you’re doing that at your own risk.
[via Redmond Pie]


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