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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Google uses kill switch to remove 260,000 installed apps worldwide

It appears that Google is experiencing some problems with the Android Market, and due to these problems, it seems that Google has to use its infamous kill switch as a last resort.
According to latest news, 58 apps on Android Market were found sending personal information from Android devices and were installing security holes, so Google had to remove them from the Android Market.
However damage has already been done, and according to reports, these apps got about 260,000 downloads which means that there were 260,000 victims out there.
Therefore, it’s no wonder that Google had to resort to drastic measures such as pulling the kill switch.
In addition, Google will also remotely add Android Market Security Tool March 2011, this will undo the exploits and prevent sending of your data to third party users. Google has definitely had to deal with a difficult situation, and the easiest solution was to remotely remove those apps. Who knows, in order to prevent these things from happening again, Google might change Android Market policy someday.
[via Engadget]


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