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Friday, March 11, 2011

DIY Pulse Laser Gun is a dangerous toy

We’ve seen all sorts of DIY things, but none of those things was amazing as this gun. It appears that one person has managed to create a DIY laser gun, so let’s check it out.

This device is called DIY Pulse Laser Gun, made by Patrick Priebe. According to the creator, this gun has a small pulse laser head that is capable of generating a kW-pulse of infrared coherent light. With such power,
this gun can easily shoot through a razor blade, plastic and 5mm thick Styrofoam. As for the range, this device can hit any dark surfaces that are up to 3 meters of range. Just as range, firepower of this device isn’t amazing, but it will leave a small 5mm hole behind everything. Size of the DIY Pulse Laser Gun is 320mm long and it weights two pounds.
As you can see, this gun is dangerous but not deadly, and it’s definitely one of the most powerful DIY devices that we’ve seen in a while.
[via Slash Gear]


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