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Friday, February 4, 2011

USB / AA battery concept is one interesting combination

Speaking of future and gadgets, it’s certain that we’ll see two things in the future: more USB devices and more AA batteries (for non-USB gadgets!), so why don’t we combine both these into a single solution? Well, this concept tries to do that, so let’s see how it looks like

We assume that you have a USB drive that you use often and that you keep in your computer’s USB port most of the time. Since you keep your USB docked to your computer most at the time wouldn’t it be useful that you could recharge that USB and use it as a battery? This is what Wonchul Hwang thought of when he designed this USB/AA battery. In order to use this device as a USB you just need to twist the battery and USB connector pops out, and then you just need to twist it again in the opposite direction and you can use it as a battery.
As you can see, this concept looks amazing, but sadly it’s just a concept, so we’re hoping that we’ll see a fully functional USB/AA battery hopefully someday in the future.
[via Yanko]


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