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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sony’s spokesman tricked into retweeting PS3 jailbreak code

Although Sony is still waging a war against it’s fellow PS3 hackers, it seems that hackers aren’t giving up, and they have found new ways to fight against Sony, and one of those ways is Twitter.

Although Sony wants to track down IP addresses of people that have been involved in any way with the PS3′s jailbreak, that isn’t stopping any hacker from continuing.

It seems the battlefront has now moved over to Twitter when Twitter user @exiva, also known as Travis La Marr, decided to send some codes to Sony’s corporate spokesman Kevin Butler.
Travis La Marr challenged Sony’s spokesman, so he accidently retweeted this code not knowing that this code was in fact the PS3 jailbreak code. It seems that Sony was tricked by @exiva, and so far, it’s not known whether has Sony charged him. As for the code and the tweet, it was removed shortly after.
Its certainly a laugh to see that hackers have managed to trick Sony into reposting a jailbreak code for one of their own device, we’re still waiting to see what will Sony do about it – if anything at all.
[via Ubergizmo]


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