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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Prepare for your Honeycomb tab – type faster with Swiftkey Tablet app

In a world where tablets are so popular, the greatest weakness of tablets realised by many is the lack of a physical keyboard, great if your aim is all about convenience but not if you want to type at a decent speed. You will no doubt remember when we first featured the Swiftkey app for Android, a fantastic application that makes use of a unique word prediction technology.

 The latest release by TouchType called Swiftkey Tablet is another Android app but has been specifically made for the many soon-to-come Android Honeycomb tablets.

The SwiftKey tablet app will come in the form of a holographic keyboard with custom skinning and a 10.1-inch thumb layout that makes it easier for two-handed typists. The more it is used, the more it learns about its user’s typing pattern which eventually means greater accuracy in word prediction. The SwiftKey tablet app is expected to make an appearance at the MWC.
[via TechChee]


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