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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Password Folder: Security Provider freeware

To protect your file from seen, read or modified you can use a protection utility as Password Folder. Password Folder is a nice freeware. When you start using it all you have to do is set the initial password. After that, just drag and drop the folders or files which, needs to be protected so that no one sees it or modifies it.

Password Folder also provides  a Hide from the View feature which provides you to hide files,folders, pictures and videos. With this feature no one will be allowed to access your file without permission. Also an option is available called Block Access which will let others see the files but will not let them to access the file , read or modify the file. This is a type of read only mode.

Besides the above options there is another option available is known as Write Protection which does not allow different users to modify your file. And finally, the most vital, Privacy Protection feature which helps to keep your private data, files, folders, pictures and videos into a Password Folder so that nobody accesses it.
Password Folder utility have file size of 1.8 MB and works well on Windows XP, Windows and Vista . It is a small but highly effective and efficient utility which provide adequate security for your data material.

Download Password Folder


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