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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hackers have found a way to ‘unban’ themselves from PSN

You’ve probably heard or read that Sony is threatening to ban hackers from PlayStation Network, but this doesn’t mean that Sony has won the battle. It seems that hackers have already found a way to ‘unban’ themselves and gain access to PlayStation Network once again.

After Sony announced that it will ban players that use jailbreak tools or run pirated games, it didn’t take long for hackers to find a solution to avoid getting banned or even unban themselves.
It seems that the hacking community has a new tool that can allow hackers to remove ban from their consoles or even ban other consoles, and in order to that, only thing that hackers need are console ID’s.
As you can see, with this tool hackers will be able to unban themselves, and this means that Sony will continue to play hide and seek with hackers again. This new tool isn’t a perfect solution, but it works, so we’ll have to wait and see what will Sony do about it.
[via Ubergizmo, Destructoid]


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