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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guy creates hack that turns Kinect into a TV remote control

Kinect hacks are getting quite popular, and speaking of which, you might be interested in this latest Kinect hack that could potential replace your tele’s remote control.

Since Kinect’s release, we have seen all sorts of hacks, but none of those hacks have thus far been used as a remote control replacement. Now we have a one here developed by Harishankar that should allow us to use Kinect as a remote, so let’s check it out how it works.

According to the developer, in order to use this hack you need to connect your Kinect to a Mac Mini which uses OpenNI to detect your skeleton in order to read your gestures and send them to a USB-UIRT box. This device connects to the computer’s USB port allowing it to receive and transmit IR signals to your TV. With it, you can change channels simply by moving your arm left or right, and change the volume by moving it up or down.
This Kinect hack is interesting, but we seriously doubt that it will replace any form of standard remote control anytime soon. Still, it looks somewhat fun, so you might try it out if you understood the above complexity of the hack :)
[via Engadget]


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