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Friday, February 25, 2011

German police raids PS3 hacker’s home

Maybe hackers can unban themselves from the PlayStation Network, but they can’t surely get themselves out of prison. That’s right, Sony is taking drastic measures in order to stop PS3 hacking, so if you’re a PS3 hacker, you might have to deal with the police like this person did.

Since banning from PlayStation Network could not stop hackers, Sony decided to involve the police, and recently, Sony sent police officers to a hacker’s home at Germany, and that hacker is now in custody.
The German police arrested infamous PS3 hacking contributor, Graf_chokolo a few days ago. Police stormed his home, and they took everything related to the console hacking as evidence against him. This hacker released the Hypervisor Bible which essentially is a set of tools that allows everyone to reverse updates and hack their PS3, so it’s obvious why he was a thorn in Sony’s eye.
Sony is quite serious when it comes to jailbraking of their PlayStation 3 console, we can only wonder what their next course of action might be.
[via Destructoid]


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